Zerophilia (Gender Transformation)


Zerophilia is a film about a guy called Luke who discovers he has a very rare medical condition called “Zerophilia”.

Zerophilia is a condition where the afflicted have an extra chromosome, a Z chromosome that causes them to change gender after their first sexual experience.  Early in the film he experiences several brief partial transformations and is both confused and very concerned about the changes.  An expert on the condition is contacted and she convinces him the best thing to do with be to get the full transformation over with sooner rather than later, so goes home, masturbates, and transforms into a full girl.

He wants to transform back to his male self as soon as possible but finds his female body trickier to arouse than his original male one.  That is until a random visit from the brother of the girl he is attracted to (Max).  Luke pretends to be his own cousin from out of town and calls himself Luka.  Confusingly for him, he finds himself attracted to Max and soon has no problem masturbating again and returning to his male form.

There are several other swaps throughout the movie.


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