The Gender Shift : A Gender Swap Novella


He knew all too well that he had transformed drastically, but none of the changes he had witnessed were as eerie or as terrifying as seeing the face of a stranger in place of his own. How could he live like this? No one would recognize him! He’d have to run away. Get a whole new identity. But Wendy knew something about this. With any luck she would know how to change him back.

The Gender Shift is a 33,000 word gender swap novella intended for mature audiences only.

Sam has left college and is looking for a job as a pool lifeguard, but only one place is hiring and the job is for women only! Arrogantly he applies anyway, defiant against the idea that they will only hire women.

To his amazement he gets the job, but not all is as it seems. He soon discovers the contract turns him into a girl every day he has a shift! Can his girlfriend accept him as a woman when he can’t even accept it himself? And how will he keep his transformation a secret from everybody else?

The Gender Shift features graphic descriptions of many slow and detailed gender transformations as well as humiliation, steamy lesbian romance, action, suspense and feminism through the eyes of a man transformed into a woman.

The Gender Shift is an erotic gender swap/gender transformation story by Ben Schrodinger intended for mature audiences only and is available from Amazon ($3.99).


Sample (First 10%)

Week Zero

It was the end of the school year, and Sam’s best friends, Sean and Tom, were moving down south to start university.  Sam was staying put, so it could be the last time they saw each other for a long time.

Sam would find any excuse for a barbecue. In August the sun was high and warm even in the early evenings; perfect for dining el fresco with his friends.

He flipped the burgers on the grill.  They sizzled satisfyingly and a plume of savory smoke rose from the hot coals.

“Aw, man,” moaned Tom.  “That smells amazing.”

“You know, Sam, if there’s anything I’m going miss about you, it’s your burgers,” said Sean.

Sam made them from scratch.  He didn’t usually cook, but when it came to barbecues he was Gordon Ramsay.  The burgers were a recipe passed down from father to son.  Lean beef seasoned with full-flavored herbs and just a touch of spice.

“You want to call Julie?” Sam asked them.  “They’re nearly ready.”

Sam had been living with his girlfriend, Julie, for two months now.  They’d only known each other for a few weeks before getting their own place together. It wasn’t Sam’s idea, but Julie was 19 and her dad wanted her out of his house.

The situation suited Sam.  He didn’t have a job, so she was paying the bills for the time being with her soap shop that her dad helped her start up.

“Julie!” yelled Sean from his deck chair.

“She can’t hear you, man,” Sam told him.  “She’s in the kitchen.”

With a groan, Sean got up to fetch her and returned a minute later with Julie following behind with a tray of beers.

“Hey, baby,” she greeted him with a kiss.  “The dishes are done.”

“Ah, you’ve got her well trained, Sam the Man!”  Tom joked.

Julie flipped him off, and hugged Sam from behind.  “It’s the least I can do for my sexy man.  Jealous much?”

“Of him or you?”

“Play nice, guys,” Sam told them.  “Come on.  Grab a plate and some buns.”

Sam served up the meat, took off his apron and sat with the others on the patio to enjoy his burgers and the sun on his bare chest.

“Sam, you’re getting burger juice on you,” laughed Julie.  She picked up a paper towel and brushed off Sam’s chest.  He had a lean and athletic body; his skin was taught over his toned muscles.  It was a swimmer’s body.  He swam in competitions throughout college, and even won a few of them.  He had decided the year before not to go to university and instead would concentrate on a career in aquatics.

“Any luck on the job front?” asked Sean between mouthfuls.

Sam sighed.  “Not really.  I’m actually thinking of a change of direction.”

“You’re giving up swimming?” asked Tom, shocked.

“No!  Of course not.  Just at first I thought being a lifeguard would be kind of cool, so did the whole thing, getting my Level 1 and 2 ASA certificates, and my NPLQ…”


“National Pool Lifeguard Qualification.  I’ve been at the job center every week for the last month, but there aren’t any lifeguard jobs that aren’t a hundred miles away!  But you know what there are a load of jobs for?  Coaches.  Personal trainers. That sort of thing.”

“Well, you can do that!”

“Nope.  For that I need a Level 3 ASA certificate, and I’ve looked absolutely everywhere and nowhere is doing the Level 3 courses this year! Probably why there’s such a shortage of trainers.”

“That sucks, man,” said Sean.  “So what are you going to do?”

“Just have to wait until next year. Hopefully a course will come up.  Until then I’m just going to have to find another job to keep us ticking over.”

“I thought I saw a lifeguard job at Castle Vale Pool,” said Sean.

“Is that the one off Farnborough Road?” asked Sam.


“I saw it too, but it’s only a part time position.”

“Better than nothing.”

“And it’s for ladies night!  They have an hour in the evening on weekdays that’s for women only.  No men allowed in the pool area, so pretty sure they’re looking for a female lifeguard.  You could say I’m not qualified.”

“That sucks man. Feminists think they have it so tough but I’ve never heard of a men’s only night at any pool.”

“Don’t get me started on feminists!  I was having it out with one on Facebook last night.  A page I follow posted that video.  You know, the one where a girl walks around New York for 10 hours and gets guys saying ‘hi beautiful’ and ‘God bless you’ to her.”

“Oh the humanity!” cried Tom.

“I know, right?!  I’m not a misogynist or anything, but I was trying to point out to them that these guys are just complementing her.  What’s the problem?  If girls started shouting ‘hey handsome’ to me in the street, that would be awesome.”

“Well, they should be, handsome!”  said Julie.

“Thanks, babe.”

“You should apply anyway,” suggested Julie.  “If they don’t give you the job isn’t that, like, illegal or something?”

“Actually, yeah,” agreed Sean.  “That’s gender discrimination.  You could sue them for that.”

“You think so?”

“Dude, I’m studying law.  I know that much!”

Week Zero

“Sam Smith, can you come in please?” called the pool’s manager.

Sam was surprised to get a reply to his application by Wednesday morning asking him to come to the pool to discuss his application that evening.  He had no doubt it was to reject him.  It seemed like a waste of time, but he went anyway.   It would make a good impression in case any other positions became available.

Sam got off the bench in the reception area and stepped into the manager’s office.

“Thank you for coming in on such short notice.  I’m Wendy, the pool manager,” Sam shook her hand.  “Please, have a seat.  As you are aware, we are looking for someone to cover the maternity leave of one of our lifeguards. It’s a temporary position, lasting only a year.  Is that a problem?”

Sam shook his head.  “No, that’s fine.”  She was obviously trying to put him off the job.

“Good.  It’s usually our policy to give priority to applicants from within the company, and we have had a few.”

Here it comes, thought Sam.

“Though none of them currently have an NPLQ certificate, so we would have to put them through training.  You’re the only applicant who is fully qualified, and seeing as how we need someone to start ASAP, we would like to offer you the position.”

“Wait, what?”

“We are offering you the job.” She slid a contract across her desk towards him.

“But, wasn’t this for a lifeguard position during your ladies nights?”

“Yes.  This is definitely unusual, but we’re making you a special case for the 52 weeks Amanda is off on maternity.  Safety is our number one priority, and you are by far the most qualified.”

Sam looked over the contract.  He could hardly believe his luck, but it must be some kind of joke.  Things that are too good to be true usually aren’t. He looked back up to Wendy.  She was smiling pleasantly, but looked serious.

“And of course we wouldn’t dream of discriminating against someone because of their gender,” she added.

“When do I start?”

“You can start tomorrow.  Just sign here, and here.”

Not giving her time to change her mind, Sam signed the contract with an arrogant flourish.

“Excellent.  I’ll show you around.  Follow me.”  She led him out the office and downstairs towards the door to the women’s changing rooms.

“I can’t go in there!”

“It’s OK.  It’s empty.”

She opened the door for him.  The humid, chlorine scented air from the pool wafted out.

Sam had been in many men’s changing rooms.  The women’s didn’t appear any different.  Along one wall were the showers next to a doorway that must have led to the pool.  Along the other walls, and the center of the room, were rows of lockers with low wooden benches between them.

Wendy approached one of the lockers and opened it.

“This will be your locker.  You can take the key home with you.  You will also have a uniform which keeping clean will be your own responsibility.  This should fit you.”  She pulled out a bright red one-piece swimsuit with the pool’s logo embroidered on the left breast.  Sam laughed but the look in Wendy’s eyes suggested she wasn’t joking.

Sam’s mirth turned to confusion.  “I don’t get it.”

“I’m saying you are our new lifeguard and this is your uniform.”

“But… that’s a girl’s uniform!” he protested.

“Of course.  Your shifts are during ladies night. Look, it stretches.  It will definitely fit.”

“That’s not the problem!  I’m a guy.  Why would I  wear a girl’s uniform?”

“You know it’s during ladies night, right?  This is the uniform.”

“Forget it.  For a moment there I thought you were being serious,” he told her.

“It’s too late now, Sam.  You’ve already signed the contract.  Like it or not this is your job as of tomorrow.”

“Then I quit,” he said.  “See ya.”

Sam  stormed out of the pool house and was fuming all the way home.

Week Zero

That night was sweltering hot.  Sam tossed and turned in his bed.  He threw off his side of the covers.  He pulled off his shirt and threw it over the bed.  He kicked off his shorts, leaving him nude and perspiring, lying on his back and eventually drifted off into a restless sleep.  His dreams were haunted by that red swimsuit, being made to wear it and parading down the side of the pool like it were a cat walk.  He dreamed of the women’s changing rooms.  Would he have been made to use those too?  He dreamed of the girls stripping off layers of clothes and revealing their supple bodies to him.

In the real world his cock stirred.  It grew firmer, responding to the lewd images floating in his mind.  It stood tall, and then slowly, almost so slowly as to be imperceptible, it lowered.  It didn’t go limp, but gradually withered.  His balls followed suit, shrinking away and leaving behind an empty sack.  His cock was less than half its previous size and throbbed as if fighting for its life.  It began to meld together with his empty scrotum and continued shrinking between the folds until it was naught but a tiny nub.

Still asleep, Sam’s hand reached between his legs and scratched his flattened crotch before rolling onto his side and dozing off into an even deeper sleep.

Sam wanted to stay in bed but the light shining through the curtains made it difficult.  He wanted to have a lie in before beginning the mission of finding another job.  He pulled the covers back from beside him and hid under them.

He remembered the weird dreams he had had that night.  Wendy was joking about having him wear a girl’s swimsuit, right?  She must have been.  She must have been joking about the whole job too.  The customers would flip out if there was a male lifeguard on duty during ladies night.  Kind of defeats the purpose to have a guy being paid to stare at them all.  But there was that contract. He didn’t give it a proper read through, but it looked genuine enough.

Sam’s thoughts drifted back to his dreams, of being a fly on the wall in the women’s changing rooms.  A sleepy hand reached between his legs and clutched at thin air.  Puzzled, Sam opened his legs and searched for his cock, but found nothing.  His hand laid flat over his crotch and his eyes shot open.  He threw the covers off and sat up staring down at the empty space where his old friend ought to be.  He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  His hand frantically patted around the area but found nothing!  Nothing at all!

“Oh God!” he cried.  “Where is it?!”  His free hand joined the other trying to find his missing cock.  “Where is it?!”

He got out of bed and stood up.  A shiver ran down his spine at the empty feeling where his thighs met.  Naked, and with one hand covering his disfigured groin, he ran to the bathroom and grabbed a hand mirror.  He sat on the edge of the bath, spread his legs open and peered horrified at the reflection the mirror showed him.

“This isn’t possible,” he muttered. “How could this happen?!”

He wasn’t even sure what had happened.  When he went to bed everything was fine, and then he wakes up in the morning and somehow his cock and balls were gone!  Just gone!  Aliens?  Some fucked up virus?  Organ thieves?  Would they even steal genitals?

Fuck.  I don’t know!

He couldn’t feel any stitches and he wasn’t in any pain.  His fingers sifted through his pubic hair looking for anything.  A scar, stitches, duct tape.  Anything.  Before long they stumbled on a soft vertical furrow starting just above his ass cheeks.  He followed the furrow up a couple of inches and found it shallowed out where the base of his cock used to be.

It’s almost like…

He examined the crease more thoroughly.  His finger slipped between the folds, finding yet more, pinkish folds hidden between them.

Oh fuck!  It can’t be!

He spread the folds apart, making it perfectly clear what he was looking at.

He had a vagina.

A knock at the door almost had him fall backwards into the bath.

“Sam?”  It was Julie.  “Are you OK in there?”

He didn’t want her to see him like this.  He shouted back that everything was fine and turned on the shower, with no intention of actually using it but it might buy him some time to get his head together.

After a few minutes he shut off the shower, wrapped a towel around his waist and cautiously stepped out of the bathroom.  He heard his girlfriend downstairs and so rushed to his drawers to get dressed.

He found Julie downstairs in the kitchen preparing breakfast.

“Hey, baby.  I thought I heard you shouting.”

“Oh, yeah.  I just stubbed my toe on the door.”  He sat down at the table and poured himself a coffee.

“Poor baby,” she replied.  “Let me have a look.”  She crouched in front of him.  “Which one was it?”

“Uhm, the big one,” he lied, “but it’s OK now.”

She held his foot and massaged his toes, then looked puzzled.

“Have you shaved your legs?” she asked him.

“What?  No.”  He reached down and felt his ankle and shin.  They were completely hairless. “Oh.  Er, must be the way my boots are rubbing on them.”  He was doing his best to lie to himself as much as he was to her, but he knew this could be related to his other change.

He went back to the bathroom and pulled up his trouser legs.  No doubt about it.  His legs were completely smooth, like a woman’s.

“What’s going on?” he muttered to himself.

He went back downstairs.  “Hey babe.  I’m off out to find a job.”

But I was making breakfast.”

“I’ll pick something up while I’m out. No time to lose.”

“Well, OK.  Good Luck”

Of course Sam didn’t actually intend to look for a job.  He had bigger problems than unemployment.  He went straight to the library to use their computers.

Whatever was happening to him hadn’t stopped.  He kept his hair short, but by the time the bus pulled up at the bus stop near his home it had grown long enough for him to see that it was changing color as well!  His coffee colored hair had grown well past his ears and was getting lighter and lighter.  By the time he reached the library the tips were brushing against his shoulders and it was undoubtedly blond!

He found an elastic band by the computers in the library and tied his hair back to keep it out of his face and scoured Google for any record of spontaneous gender transformations.  There weren’t many results that seemed factual.

There was a village in the Dominican Republic where the girls apparently turned into boys during puberty.  They were genetically male, but never developed but their genitals never developed while in the womb, presumably due to an absence of testosterone, and so appeared to be female at birth.  When they reached puberty, the testes descended and what was presumed to be their clitoris developed into a normal male penis.  As unbelievable as it sounded, it seemed to be a genuine phenomena, but could it happen in reverse?  And how would that explain Sam’s hair?

There were a couple of reports in Africa and India of guys being cursed to turn into women, but they were questionable at best.

He searched for hours, but in the end it was fruitless.  He leaned back in the chair and sighed. He whole body was uncomfortable.  The alien absence between his legs was all the more obvious when he was sitting.  During the day he had occasionally found himself crossing his legs subconsciously, and cursed himself upon realizing.  His hairless legs rubbed against the material of his trousers in an unfamiliar way.  It was like he had never felt the material on his skin before.

And he had an ache on his chest that seemed centered around his nipples.  He winced when he touched them.  They felt bruised and were harder than they had ever been before, like there were marbles growing beneath them.

A hand touched his shoulder making him jump.

The librarian reminded him that his computer time was up, and he would have to pay at the counter if he needed more time.

He got up from the computer and approached the library counter.  He pulled out his wallet and flicked through the notes.  It was then he noticed his hands.  They seemed slender, and paler, the skin almost translucent, and his chewed up nails were perfectly manicured, long and unmistakably feminine!

He saw the librarian was staring at his nails too.  Their eyes met, and she smiled sweetly, as if in understanding.

No, you don’t understand!  he wanted to yell, but didn’t.  Instead he quickly stuffed his wallet back into his pocket and rushed out of the library.

The waistband of his jeans was rising up his hips as they began to widen to more female proportions. He teetered at the top of the library’s steps.  His legs made one last struggle to compensate for their new position before they failed entirely and Sam lost his balance.  He flailed desperately at the handrail, but it was out of reach and he fell backwards, landing hard on his backside.  A man coming up the steps rushed over to him.

“Are you OK, miss?” he asked him.

Sam rubbed his lower back, his face scrunched up in agony.  “Yeah.  Fine.  Wait, what?”

Did he just call me ‘miss’?

“That was quite a fall,” the man said, offering his hand to Sam.  Sam swiped it away.

“I can manage by myself, thank you,” he replied snottily.

“Suit yourself.  But watch your step.”

“Look, mister!  If I…”  Sam’s phone rang.  He checked the caller ID and saw it was Julie.  He looked up from his phone but the man had already left.  Grabbing onto the handrail, he pulled himself back to his feet and cautiously made his way down the stairs, one step at a time.  He answered his phone.

“Hi honey…” His mouth froze at the sound of his voice cracking.  It had suddenly went as high and melodic as a teenage girl’s!  Nothing at all like his own.  He coughed to try and clear his throat.

“Erm.  I…”  he mumbled in a stranger’s voice.

“Who’s this?” came the angry voice at the other end of the line.

“Julie, I’m…”  He tried forcing his voice lower, but couldn’t bring it even close to his normal baritone.  “Got to go! Sorry!”

He hung up and put his hand to his throat.  His stubble was gone, but more to the point there was no trace of his Adam’s Apple.

“I’m still changing.” he said to himself in that weak voice.

— end of sample —

To continue reading, check out The Gender Shift on Amazon.


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