New section of the website dedicated to gender swap videos on YouTube. :)


Geraldine (YouTube Gender Transformation)

[ unrated ]

Geraldine is a gender transformation animation by Author de Pins. It’s about a guy in Paris who wakes up one morning to find he has transformed into a woman! There is no explanation of how it happened, but the Gerald

The Magic Remote

The Magic Remote (YouTube Bodyswap/Transformation)

[ unrated ]

Another gender transformation series on YouTube by Three Degrees Off Center Productions. A guy orders a magic remote online that has many many features, but it doesn’t control a TV. He tries it out on his girlfriend, making time stop,

The Wand of Change

The Wand of Change (YouTube Gender Transformation)

[ unrated ]

A Youtube series done as a video blog by Three Degrees Off Center Productions about a guy who bought a magic wand on eBay to turn himself into a woman so he can spy on his girlfriend. The first video

The Wish - Jason Horton - Gender Transformation

The Wish – Jason Horton (YouTube Gender Transformation)

[ unrated ]

A short YouTube gender transformation film by Jason Horton and uploaded to the Certified Funny channel. Two chums find one of those wish machines from the movie Big. One of them wishes to be hot, and the machine says the

Dont Touch That Like Its Yours Bodyswap

Don’t Touch That Like It’s Yours (YouTube Bodyswap)

[ unrated ]

A fun short bodyswap film on YouTube uploaded by Indiehopes. A young couple argue in bed over ‘social norms’ and then say in unison “Imagine what it’s like to be me,” as is tradition in bodyswap movies 😉 Lo and

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