Gender Transformation Stories


Becoming Becky 3

It’s all gone wrong. Paul is still stuck as Busty Becky and who knows when Tony will decide to change him back? In desperation, Paul and Trevor double-cross Tony and steal the antidote, but things go horribly wrong. Now Paul


Becoming Becky 2

Paul needs money desperately but the last thing he wants is to sell his beloved motorcycle. Reluctantly, he agrees to take the gender swap drug a second time and become Busty Becky for the Tony’s film crew. He has only


Becoming Becky

“You can’t leave us like this!” yelled Paul. “I’m coming back. Relax. The powder only last for a few hours. I’ll get the camera crew, we’ll film maybe an hour of footage of you two getting it on with Simon


The Gender Shift : A Gender Swap Novella

Excerpt He knew all too well that he had transformed drastically, but none of the changes he had witnessed were as eerie or as terrifying as seeing the face of a stranger in place of his own. How could he


Girl Flu 2 : The Second Gender Swap

Man Flu : The most debilitating illness known to the human race. Unanimously feared by three billion males across the globe. The nausea! The chills! The congestion! There is no consoling the afflicted and there is, of course, no cure.


Circle : An Erotic Fairy Tale

Circle is an erotic gender swap/body swap story by Ben Schrodinger intended for mature audiences only. Over 10,000 words. Three wanderers on Ilkley Moor accidentally offend a malevolent fairy by eating his house. The fairy is pissed off and curses


Girl Flu : A Gender Transformation Story

Girl Flu : A Gender Transformation Story is a 12,000 word gender swap story by Ben Schrodinger intended for mature audiences! Luke was having a bad day. His girlfriend was away for the week and he had lost his job. Just


Gender Swap Aphrodisiac

Gender Swap Aphrodisiac is a three part erotica story by Ben Schrodinger about a student who is tricked into taking a sex change drug by the girls at his school.  The drug transforms the user’s gender depending on how horny

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