Sora No Otoshimono (Gender Transformation)


Another hilarious ecchi anime. ^_^ It’s worth watching every series. It has a brilliant comedic use of the chibi style, a fixation on panty shots, and more than one episode with a heavy gender bending twist. Sora No Otoshimono (English

Keiichi grows breasts

Ah My Goddess! (Gender Transformation)


Ah My Goddess! is about a guy, Keiichi, who accidentally dials the wrong number and gets through to a Goddess Hotline.  A goddess called Belldandy shows up and offers him a single wish.  He wishes she would stay with him

Infinite Stratos naked shower

Infinite Stratos – episode 6 (FtM Disguise)


A character originally introduced to the series as male (“Charles” Dunois) is discovered to be female once her colleague (who she had been sent to spy on) walks in on her in the shower. In episode 8 she gives up

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