Kojou shocked to be in Yuumas body

Strike The Blood (Body Swap)


Strike the Blood is an anime about a normal highschool boy Kojou Akatsuki who not only became a vampire, but the most powerful vampire in the world known as the Fourth Progenitor. Only a few people close to him know

Yamada swapped bodies sees Shiraishi in the mirror

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches (Body Swap)


Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches (Japanese name Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo) is a manga series by Miki Yoshikawa that has been adapted into both a live action TV series in 2013 and an OAV/OAD. The first OAD came out

The Magic Remote

The Magic Remote (YouTube Bodyswap/Transformation)

[ unrated ]

Another gender transformation series on YouTube by Three Degrees Off Center Productions. A guy orders a magic remote online that has many many features, but it doesn’t control a TV. He tries it out on his girlfriend, making time stop,

Dont Touch That Like Its Yours Bodyswap

Don’t Touch That Like It’s Yours (YouTube Bodyswap)

[ unrated ]

A fun short bodyswap film on YouTube uploaded by Indiehopes. A young couple argue in bed over ‘social norms’ and then say in unison “Imagine what it’s like to be me,” as is tradition in bodyswap movies 😉 Lo and


To Love Ru (Gender Transformation + Bodyswap)


Another one of my favourite anime series.  This one focuses on the life of Rito Yuki who one day finds a gorgeous nude girl (who turns out to be an alien from the planet Deviluke) in his bathtub and accidentally

Miharu gender swap POV with tentacles

Girls Bravo – season 2 episode 1 (Bodyswap)


Girls Bravo is a fun anime and worth checking out even without the tg element.  It is about a guy who has such a strong fear/shyness of women that it borders on a physical medical condition.  One day he is

Kenichi looks at Yoshimi pussy

Nikutai Teni/Body Transfer (Bodyswap)


Nikutai Teni is a favourite for many of us It includes multiple bodyswaps, although just one male character who ends up in the body of two different girls in the first part and one other in the second. The “realisation

Dog Days Gender Swap Breasts

Dog Days – series 2 episode 11 (Bodyswap)


Millihi (a young princess) finds a mysterious egg on the ground. Moments later it hatches in a puff of smoke that fills the room. When the smoke clears it is revealed a strange little animal, similar to a furby, is


Natsu no Arashi – episode 8 (Bodyswap)


An interesting one.  This episode centers around a tg bodyswap in the style of the 1982 film Tenkôsei but with a twist.  Although it is a male <-> female bodyswap, the male character doesn’t realize the female character is female

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