NouKome – Episode 2 (Gender Transformation)

Turned into a girl and looking in the mirror

NouKome is a new anime so can’t say where the story is going yet, but it is set around a guy whose life has been cursed to take on aspects of a Japanese ecchi text game, where the player follows the story and is occasionally faced with a set of options that he must choose between, which will direct where the story goes next.

For Amakusa Kanade, he is occasionally faced with a two options, but neither of them he would want to go through with.  Unfortunately if he doesn’t choose between them he experiences unbearable pain until he is forced to make a choice.

In Episode 2 he receives and unexpected phone call from someone claiming to be God.  Kanade doesn’t believe him, and so God decides to prove it to him.

By turning him into a girl!

The scene is relatively brief, but has a nice morph. :)


One comment on “NouKome – Episode 2 (Gender Transformation)
  1. X-changer says:

    loved this scene. The end of the episode shows what would have happened if he had chosen the other option (Remaining a girl). If i was him i think id have stayed a girl. Specially one that cute :)

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