Farhad’s TG Forum
Back in the early days of the interwebs, there was one place that was an absolute goldmine for gender swap manga and that was Farhad’s original website (which is still online). In 2007, Farhad relaunched the website and added a tg manga forum which has become the most active forum in our niche.

Fictionmania IRC Forum
We’re talking real early days here! Remember IRC (Internet Relay Chat)? It had its hayday back in 2003 and from then on its popularity has been declining, but for a long while it was how peeps in the gender swap community shared our TG content. It was mostly low-res videos and boy was it slow. Many thanks to active users like ChronoTrigger, Hector, Cavaleiro, and others for contributing so much to the community. I think the IRC is dead, but the forum is still alive as TG Videos which is a bit quieter these days but still a great bunch. :)

World of TG
WOW a lot of work has gone into this site. World of TG is a massive (and dare I say complete?) directory of TG websites and media. The founders also post news related to TG content on their blog. Check it out. :)

Another heavyweight in the TG directory category. Metamorphose is a Wiki (user edited website) dedicated to transformations of all kinds including shrinking, growth, furries, age regressions and progression, and of course gender transformations.

TG Comics
TG Comics features TG stories, sequences and comics by very talented artists and is regularly updated with new and exciting content. Most of the comics posted there are free, though some are for sale but absolutely worth the price.

Miss Mako
Mako is an extremely talented movie producer specialising in gender transformations. His work includes classics like The Kiss, The Last Piece Standing, and Eleven. Long, long ago, there was once a website called The Siren Song that hosted short 3D animated clips of gender transformations. The clips are also available through Mako’s site. Mako also has a popular YouTube Channel.

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