Kashimashi~Girl Meets Girl (Gender Transformation)

Hazumu wearing bra looks in the mirror

Kashimashi~Girl Meets Girl has been released in various formats.  Originally a manga and then later released as a 12 part anime made for television and an additional episode with the DVD release.

It is a yuuri story, yet quite innocent.  Kashimashi is a about a high school boy, Hazumu Osaragi who confesses his love to his class mate Yasuna Kamiizumi.  Sadly she rejects him.  Distraught, he climbs up a mountain to be alone and, as if his day isn’t going badly enough, gets crushed by an alien spacecraft that had come to Earth to study human emotions.  The crash was completely accidental and the aliens wanted to put things right and so resurrected the boy with their technology and returned him home.

However, he was resurrected as a girl.

The rest of the story is of Hazumu (and his friends) adapting to life as his new gender and the love triangle between Hazumu, Yasuna and Tomari.


Kashimashi~Girl Meets Girl – Episode 1


Kashimashi~Girl Meets Girl – Episode 2

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