Kampfer (Gender Transformation)

Kampfer Natsuru bikini large

Kampfer is a fun anime in itself, and the TG theme is maintained throughout.  Kampfer is about a guy called Natsuru Senō who wakes up one morning to find himself transformed into a generously endowed girl.  Moments after the initial shock, a stuffed animal in his room starts talking and explains to him he is a “Kampfer” and has been chosen by the moderators to fight other Kampfer.  it is also explained that all Kampfer are female, and that is why he is now a girl!

He finds he changes back into a guy after a while but is always transformed back into his female fighter form by his bracelet whenever another Kampfer is near.  As time goes on he learns to control it, as other Kampfers do, and can change back and forth as needed.

The first episode if great as he nervously adjusts to his female form.  Soon he is living a double life at his school spending some of the time in his boy form and others in his girl form where he is lusted after by the whole of the school’s male population and is known as one of the “Three Beauties of Seitetsu”.

Ecchi elements become more common as the series progresses.  As said it is a fun anime worth checking  out with great animation and a good plot.


Kampfer Episode 1


Kampfer Episode 3


Kampfer Episode 4


Kampfer Episode 5


Kampfer Episode 6


Kampfer Episode 7


Kampfer Episode 8


Kampfer Episode 10

One comment on “Kampfer (Gender Transformation)
  1. X-changer says:

    Love Kampfer! Natsuru is a lucky guy!

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