Gugure! Kokkuri-San (Gender Transformation)

Gender swapped Gugure with a mirror

Kohina is a young girl who believes herself to be a doll. She lives by herself, and since she believes she is a doll, doesn’t take very good care of herself. One day she plays the ‘kokkuri game’ by herself, which you must never do. It is kind of like a ouiji board and is a game played by children to communicate with the fox spirit. She ends up summoning Kokkuri-San.

Upon seeing how she lives, he decides to become her guardian so she can have a proper upbringing.

Kokkuri is a vane but handsome man who enjoys housework. In Episode 7 he is cleaning a room filled with cursed items. He opens a mysterious box and a moment later he has been transformed into a woman! He remains a woman throughout Episode 8 as well since he accidentally destroyed the instructions on how to change back into a man.

Gugure! Kokkuri-San – Episode 7 & Episode 8

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