Girl Flu : A Gender Transformation Story


Girl Flu : A Gender Transformation Story is a 12,000 word gender swap story by Ben Schrodinger intended for mature audiences! Luke was having a bad day. His girlfriend was away for the week and he had lost his job. Just when he was at his lowest, he met a hot girl at the bar.

She was gorgeous and wanted nothing more than to sleep with him.

The next morning, Luke awoke to a surprise. His dick was gone and he was slowly transforming into a girl! He had girl flu. And the only way to get rid of it was to pass it on to someone else. Will he be able to change back before his girlfriend comes home?

Download Girl Flu : A Gender Transformation Story

ePub Format (Standard eBook format compatible with most eBook readers including iPads/iPhones, Kobo, Nook, Sony Reader and Android phones but NOT Kindle)
$2.99 $2.50
Mobi Format (Compatible with Amazon Kindle)
$2.99 $2.50
PDF Format (Best format for viewing on a desktop PC or laptop)
$2.99 $2.50

Girl Flu is an erotic gender swap/gender transformation story by Ben Schrodinger intended for mature audiences only and is also available from Amazon ($2.99).

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