Girl Flu 2 : The Second Gender Swap


Man Flu : The most debilitating illness known to the human race. Unanimously feared by three billion males across the globe. The nausea! The chills! The congestion! There is no consoling the afflicted and there is, of course, no cure.

But what if I were to tell you of a world, very much like our own, where Man Flu holds only the penultimate position in the chart of terrible diseases?

Man Flu is a doddle compared to Girl Flu.

Josh is one of the afflicted, waking up to find himself slowly transforming into a girl. This is his story.

This is an erotic fiction intended for mature audiences involving gender swaps, lots of toys, and steamy lesbian love scenes.

Download Girl Flu 2 : The Second Gender Swap

ePub Format (Standard eBook format compatible with most eBook readers including iPads/iPhones, Kobo, Nook, Sony Reader and Android phones but NOT Kindle)
$2.99 $2.50
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$2.99 $2.50
PDF Format (Best format for viewing on a desktop PC or laptop)
$2.99 $2.50

Girl Flu 2 is an erotic gender swap/gender transformation story by Ben Schrodinger intended for mature audiences only and is available from Amazon ($2.99).

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