Gender Swap Aphrodisiac


Gender Swap Aphrodisiac is a three part erotica story by Ben Schrodinger about a student who is tricked into taking a sex change drug by the girls at his school.  The drug transforms the user’s gender depending on how horny they get!

Gender Swap Aphrodisiac 1-3 is over 22,000 words and intended for mature audiences only!

Volume 1
A student is tricked into taking a Gender Swap Aphrodisiac by the girls in his school. The drug causes a slow gender reversal (transformation) the hornier the user gets and takes 24 hours to wear off. Much to the dismay of Mike who has trouble hiding his changes from his friends and classmates while the girls have their fun with him.

Volume 2
Mike is blackmailed by Erica to help her hand out invitations for her party at the beach. Unfortunately, and with the help of her friend Claire, he is made to take a double dose of Gender Swap Aphrodisiac leaving him stuck as a girl for 24 hours. Claire becomes rather enamoured by Mike and also takes a gender swap pill in this double gender swapping adventure.

Not wanting anyone else to see him like this, he agrees to stay at Erica’s house for the night and reluctantly experiences the sensual pleasures of having his legs (and other areas) shaved in the shower in preparation for his day at the beach.

Volume 3
Mike has to deal with coming face to face with his classmates at the beach to hand out the invitations for Erica’s party. Problem is he’s still a girl and he isn’t impressed with the bikini Erica had picked out for him.

At the party that night he bumps into Dan. Will Mike have his revenge? And just what does Erica have planned with almost one hundred gender swapping pills?

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    Paid with paypal. link to this PDF is not working :(

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