Body Jack aka Tanoshii Yutai Ridatsu (Possession)

Body Jack - Looking in mirror wearing bra

A possession hentai anime.  A mad scientist and his henchman sell a machine to a young man, Asagaya, that allows you to have out of body experiences.  He takes it home and it works and floats around the city in his astral form.  He goes to the bedroom of the friend of a girl he has a crush on, Komaba , to spy on her but ends up possessing her body.  He has a bit of fun with her body, then the girl he fancies calls around to go to the pool with her/him.

Things get a bit frisky at the pool and the two girls go back to ….. place and have sex.

Once Asagaya/Komaba go home, he/she starts masturbating and in walks her step brother who has brought two of his friends with him, and so starts an orgy.

Meanwhile, cats get into the astral projection machine and break it.

As soon as Asagaya climaxes in Komaba’s body the machine explodes and his spirit frees himself from her body and he floats back to his own body.

Released in 1987, this is quite an old anime and that shows in the animation style, though a it is one of the best possession hentais I’ve seen.

2 comments on “Body Jack aka Tanoshii Yutai Ridatsu (Possession)
  1. ishaq says:

    Which episode?season?

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