American Dad – Stan Goes On The Pill (Gender Transformation)

Stan in a bikini

American Dad is a series that needs no introduction. Like The Simpsons, South Park and Family Guy it is an iconic American cartoon series.

Stan Smith is a CIA agent living with his family, an alien, and an Olympic skier trapped in the body of a talking goldfish.

Stan’s wife, Francine, gets upset that Stan is never listening to her. His boss at the CIA suggests he tries Estrocilin, an experimental drug designed to help men be able to listen to women. Unfortunately Stan takes too much and is transformed into a woman.

The gender transformation scene is good, but it did seem a lot like the animations by Satin Minions. I don’t think it was coincidental. Satin Minions is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t seen his work already. :)

American Dad Gender Swap Episode (S09E14)

23 comments on “American Dad – Stan Goes On The Pill (Gender Transformation)
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